DJ Field


DJ Field’s musical journey started an astonishing 28 years as an MC with a dub sound system known as the Dub Invaders in Bulawayo. He went on to become one of the leading MCs in Bulawayo before moving to England in 1994 to spread his wings.
One of his strengths has been his enthusiasm and flexibility to bring in new musical genres and delivery styles into his fold. Even though he started off as an MC and has always been faithful to house music, he saw the attraction of becoming a DJ and always moved with the times as different musical genres emerged. He has played jungle, reggae alongside dub and house. When speed garage took hold, he played speed garage. However, around 2000, when deep house emerged, DJ Field was hooked and that has remained his speciality since.
He was one of the first to spread the word about the deep house talent emerging out of South Africa. Much of this he did through Kasiluv, a crew that he created with a cousin to host house events and promote South African house around the UK. Along the way he has shared the stage with DJs such as DJ Fresh, Black Coffee, Glen Lewis, Culoe de Song, Oskido and DJ Chynaman - all well-known house producers from South Africa and the US.
Currently, DJ Field hosts a radio show* on Deeplomatikk Radio, a station he founded in 2014 to promote house music. The station has grown from strength to strength as it has expanded its network of DJs and range of musical genres. And of course, he remains a sought after DJ for club events and private parties.
*Thursdays 8pm UK, 10pm South Africa