Zimbabwean afro-rock fusion band Evicted blend traditional Zimbabwean musical genres such as sangura and chimurenga with rock, punk, reggae and funk, and write lyrics using both Shona and English. Determined to create a sound that reflects their roots rather than trying to fit into the musical trend of the minute, they have become a prominent musical force in their native land and the southern African region, with a reputation for incredibly energetic live shows and authentic performances. 

Founding members Derek Bailey, Nick Newbery and Adam Francis came up with the band name after being repeatedly thrown out of their rehearsal spaces for being too loud. They started out by performing covers of popular local songs such as Andy Brown’s legendary ‘Mapurisa’, fusing in rock, reggae and funk classics.  Whilst studying for their degrees, Derek and Nick then went on to record and self-produce the first Evicted album, ‘Place Called Home’ in 2009 in Queensland, Australia. By that time, Dominic Benson had joined on bass guitar, adding a chunky dose of funk and afro jazz into the mix. They recorded a remix of ‘Mapurisa’ incorporating a heavier, rock infused sound, along with 10 original tracks then released the album independently through iTunes Australia. This was followed by a headlining stint at Zimfest in Brisbane. ‘Mapurisa’ crept its way onto radio airwaves in South Africa, Zambia, the UK and Australia, becoming something of a cult hit in those places. 

In 2010 the band returned to Zimbabwe straight into a South African tour in April of that year. They wowed the audiences with their unique sound and passionate performances; Blunt Magazine described their sound as ‘Switchfoot meets The Ataris meets rural Africa.’ After several line-up changes to include Theo Rhode on lead guitar and Justin Soutter on drums, Evicted had now evolved into a diverse but tight unit, confident in their new sound. 

Since then, the band has toured as a self-sufficient unit, trailblazing a scene and honing their craft as they headlined a multitude of shows in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique; they are known to perform in the most remote of areas proving them to be a hard-working band committed to the cause of being ambassadors for Zimbabwean music. The band has:

  • shared the stage with top international acts such as Prime Circle, Mi Casa, Oliver Mtukudzi, The Parlotones, Locnville and Jeremy Loops
  • headlined Zimbabwe’s biggest annual charity concert, Rock Down Harare, and the Siavonga Music Festival in Zambia
  • performed at the Fall Fest, the Vic Falls Carnival, and the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) 
  • won Zimbabwe’s ‘Battle of The Bands’ two years in a row
  • been featured in the American film ‘Punk In Africa’ which showcases bands that incorporate African sounds into their music, and which has screened worldwide at major film festivals

In August 2016 the band released the single ‘Ndoita Sei’ exclusively through iTunes and the music video quickly went viral; the track is based on a true story of a friend who was robbed of his belongings after a one night stand. A full album is set for release in 2017.

The current line-up consists of Derek Bailey on lead vocals and guitar, Theo Rhode on lead guitar, Dominic Benson on bass, and Justin Soutter on drums.





Apple Music     - https://itunes.apple.com/au/artist/evicted/id294122232