Mixolis is a Bulawayo-born London-based DJ who specializes in playing South African deep and soulful house music.

He was introduced to deejaying by Slybee who taught him the basics of beat mixing on CDs, before he went on to teach himself other skills. Soon afterwards, he joined the Touchdown Soundz crew and played at venues such as Cougar Pinks, the exclusive Rex Club (at Piccadilly Circus) as well as a few residencies. After leaving the Touchdown Soundz, he created the Ambas’sadas with Slybee, working together as a DJ duo until 2013. He has deejayed in other countries including Zimbabwe, South Africa and France.

Mixolis has been influenced by many he has met over the years such as producer and DJ Roots O’batala aka Roots, the owner and Director of A&R at Asante Records, and who is famous for releasing tracks by Marlon D, Sis N Jones, Ian Friday, Glenn Underground, Joi Cardwell, Yoshihisa H and Boodhi Satva.

In 2013, Mixolis won the Zimbabwe Achiever’s Award for DJ of the Year and has won or been a finalist in several other deejaying competitions. He is currently managed by promoter Dansflo Productions.