Petite Deejay


South Londoner Tendai, known as Petite Deejay, specialises in playing a blend of deep, soulful, afro and South African house music.

Resident DJ for South Africa Tourism UK, Petite Deejay plays South African music for audiences of all ages covering a wide range of sounds from authentic Zulu, to the ‘90s kwaito, right up to modern day South African house. She has also played for promoters including Rhythm ‘n’ Funk, Mi Casa Es Su Casa, Tribe, Yellow and House Entertainment. Her vibrant and energetic DJ sets can be heard in venues and events across London including The Hilton Park Lane Hotel and Southbank, as well as regular spots in Shoreditch, Brixton and Vauxhall where she delivers her distinctive sets full of drums and beats infused with sultry vocals.

She has hosted several radio shows and her ‘Soul Seductive Sessions’ mixes have been aired worldwide from Romania to South Africa. She has interviewed several South African artists to educate listeners on the sounds she loves and plays. Her passion for afro-house and South African house came to the attention of the BBC, leading to a featured interview on BBC World News about the rise of African house music in London. She now has an international following of over 250,000 listeners tuning in and downloading her mixes daily.

As if she is not busy enough, Petite Deejay also plays prime-time slots on underground and digital radio stations and continues to DJ at a range of events such as fashion shows and festivals, including previous ZimFest events.