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"If you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance!"


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Oslo Artist Update

Posted on Jun 7 by

Outspoken to perform at Zimfest Outspoken is a spoken word emcee from Harare, combining soul-stirring, politically infused lyrics with an Afrosoul hip-hop sound. Outspoken is the...


Norway Volunteers

Posted on Jun 7 by

Volunteers We need some volunteers at our little festival to help sell tickets, be in the backyard party and help with face painting for kids, selling barbecue food, be at the...


Digging Deep

Posted on Jun 6 by

I have been in a number of debates about the origin of what is commonly referred to these days as South African House. Deep Soulful and with a distinctive African twist that has...


Zimfest hits Norway

Posted on May 9 by

Most of us have never been to Oslo, Norway and many of us will probably never go. There are corners of the world do remote only a handful of human beings have had the privilege...


Everything changes

Posted on May 9 by

Cecily McMillan, the Occupy Wall Street activist convicted of assaulting a New York police officer, received a celebrity endorsement of sorts on Friday when two members of the...



Posted on Apr 4 by

Recently our original site went down never to rise again. All that we could recover was a database of the content gathered and posted over the years representing our multi year...