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Below you will find the Terms and Conditions for Zimfest Live.

Please take time to read through all sections and contact us should you have any questions at events@zimfestlive.com. Alternatively, you can contact us via post at Zimfest Live Three Gables, 9 Corner Hall, Hemel Hempstead, England, HP3 9HN


1. When used in these Conditions, the following capitalised terms shall have the following meanings:

“Arena” means the area(s) within the Venue where Event performances will take place;

“Authorised Person(s)” means any member of Event management, Venue management, Police, public bodies and agencies responsible for safety and security in connection with the Event or the Venue, and their respective staff, officials, representatives, officers and volunteers;

“Conditions” means these terms and conditions together with any amendments or updates to them which are issued by us or on our behalf from time to time;

“Discounted Non-Refundable Tickets” means Tickets which do not carry a right to refunds in the event of a cancellation or postponement of the Event for any reason or for certain specified reasons but carry rights of transfer to a later Event as described in paragraph 22;

“Event means Zimfest Live;

“Site Rules” means all rules which apply at the Venue in addition to these Conditions which are either communicated by us or on our behalf in writing, online or otherwise in advance of the Event or displayed at the Venue;

“Ticket” means any valid ticket (whether a hard copy ticket or an e-ticket or a wristband for which such ticket is exchanged and including a Discounted Non-Refundable Ticket unless otherwise stated in these Conditions) which permits the Ticket Holder to attend the Event at the Venue on the basis of the details set out on the Ticket and, park or enjoy certain activities or upgrades at the Venue and which is subject to these Conditions;

“Ticket Holder” or “you” means any person possessing or using a Ticket to gain entry to the Event, including (without limitation) the Ticket Purchaser or any person to whom the Ticket was validly issued or transferred.

“Ticket Purchaser” means the individual who has purchased Ticket(s);

“Venue” means the site at which the Event takes place, which at the date of these Conditions is intended to be Hertfordshire Showground Saint Albans AL3 7PT

including all adjacent and surrounding areas used or controlled by us in connection with staging of the Event, including without limitation any car park; and

“We” means Zimfest Live.

Status of these Terms and Conditions

2. All Tickets are sold, and entry to and attendance at the Event is, subject to these Conditions, any Site Rules, any specific Covid-19 Site Rules any specific details which relate to any add-on goods or services you have bought from us (e.g. accommodation, travel), the conditions of sale of the authorised ticket agent where you purchased your Tickets (together the “Regulations”).

3. Zimfest Live reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists, and to vary the advertised programme and timings with no obligation to refund tickets.

4. In the case of any conflict or ambiguity between these Conditions and the Site Rules or conditions of our authorised ticket agents, these Conditions will prevail.

5a. Any person who purchases, possesses, uses or attempts to use any Ticket to gain entry to the Event shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to comply with the Regulations.

5b. These Conditions may change from time to time without notice and in our sole discretion. We will post any changes to the Conditions on www.zimfestlive.com. We shall notify Ticket Purchasers of such changes by email if they materially affect Ticket Purchasers’ rights as a consumer.

5c. Zimfest Live reserves the right to implement any restrictions, conditions or cancellations deemed necessary and reasonable before or after the festival to ensure the safe management of the event.

5d. We are unable to upgrade/downgrade tickets under any circumstances.

Ticket Purchase and Delivery

6. Only Tickets purchased from our authorised ticket agents/ sales channels are valid and will allow admission to the Event. Tickets bought from street traders/touts or unauthorised agents will be void and may be seized or cancelled without refund or compensation. Our primary authorised ticket agents are Event Genius and Festicket. If you are in doubt, please contact us in advance before buying a ticket at events@zimfestlive.com. The only official Tickets for sale on the day of the Event will be available at the Venue box office.

7. You must be 18 years old or more to purchase our Tickets and able to enter into legally binding contracts.

8. Tickets may be limited to a maximum number per person, per payment card and/or per household as stated by our authorised ticket agents and/or on our website prior to bookings being made. We reserve the right to cancel any Tickets purchased in excess of this number without prior notice.

9. Any Ticket booking which we or our authorised ticket agents reasonably believe has been made with a view to resell or fraudulently (e.g. through credit card fraud) may be cancelled by either of us.

10. Tickets are final and non-refundable except as outlined in these Conditions.

11. Any Ticket or wristband that has been lost, stolen, forgotten, damaged, altered, defaced or forged or has any part removed or is unreadable might not be accepted by us. If duplicate Tickets are issued, an administration fee may be charged. You must keep your Ticket safe

12. Price and availability information for Tickets (including without limitation, add-ons such as parking and upgrades) is subject to change without notice.

13. Tickets may be issued in hard copy or via email as e-tickets to the billing address or email address provided when the booking was made.

14. If Tickets have not been received 7 days before the Event, please contact the relevant ticket agent quoting your booking reference. Details for Event Genius and Festicket. can be found at https://www.festicket.com/ .If there is not time to deliver hard copy Tickets we may issue e-Tickets or ask the Ticket Purchaser to collect them from the Venue box office (proof of ID, booking payment card and booking confirmation will be required – your ticket agent will advise you of arrangements).

15. Please check your Tickets and booking confirmation carefully as mistakes cannot always be rectified. We cannot accept any liability if your ticket agent is not notified of any inaccuracy within 5 days of purchase or within 14 days prior to the Event.

Ticket Use and Prohibition on Transfer

16. Tickets are personal revocable licences and at all times they and the copyright in them remain our property and subject to these Conditions.

17. Tickets are strictly non-exchangable and non-transferable and must not be (i) sold, transferred or offered to someone else other than under paragraph 18 below, (ii) used or advertised for any commercial or promotional purposes (e.g. competition prizes; in hospitality, travel, accommodation packages) without our written approval. Any breach of potential breach of this Condition will result in Tickets being cancelled without refund and the you being refused entry to, or ejected from, the Venue.

18. A Ticket Purchaser may transfer Tickets bought on behalf of other people in their party who are known to them personally and will be attending the Event with them to those people but must not sell the Tickets for a profit. These Conditions which will deemed binding on all Ticket Holders in the party as if each person was the Ticket Purchaser. Anyone who is not a Ticket Purchase cannot transfer their Ticket and will not be entitled to Ticket refunds which can only be made to the Ticket Purchaser.

19. Any Ticket sold, transferred or offered in breach of paragraphs ‎17 or 18 may be cancelled and any person seeking to use the Ticket may be refused admission to or be evicted from the Venue without refund or compensation and may also be liable to legal action, even if they did not have prior notice of these Conditions or the breach of them.

Refunds and Cancellation

20. Please see Covid-19 section for refunds which may apply in circumstances related to Covid-19.

21. We may alter or vary the published Event programme which may result in changes to the performance line-up, billed attractions, playing times, start and finish times of the Event, facilities or locations of facilities, or any other aspect of the Event (including without limitation, the Venue). Neither we nor our authorised ticket agents will be liable to the Ticket Holder or any other person for any refunds or other costs, expenses or other losses resulting from such alteration, unless it is a Material alteration which gives a right to a refund under paragraph 23(c) or 23(e) in which case our only liability will be to issue a refund in accordance with paragraph ‎25.

22. From time to time we may offer for sale Discounted Non-Refundable Tickets or may allow existing Ticket Holders to convert their Tickets to Discounted Non-Refundable Tickets which are strictly non-refundable in the event of cancellation or postponement of the Event for any reason or for specified reasons. Such Tickets and the circumstances in which they are not refundable shall be clearly identified in the booking process or communications with existing Ticket Holders and they shall either be sold or offered at a discount and/or entitle the Ticket Holder to enhanced benefits (such as drinks credits) which will be advertised prior to, or at, the point of sale or conversion. All such Tickets are sold/converted strictly on the basis that in the event of cancellation or postponement of the Event to which they relate (which may mean a different Event to the one for which they were originally purchased in respect of converted Tickets) for any reasons or for specified reasons, the Ticket Holder shall not be entitled to a refund but shall instead transfer their Ticket to the rescheduled Event or the Event to be held in the immediately following year. Such Tickets remain non-transferrable. Despite the preceding provisions of this paragraph 22, a Discounted Non-Refundable Ticket would be refunded in the unlikely circumstances where we did not hold a future Event after the cancelled/postponed Event.

23. Other than refunds issued in relation to Covid-19 (see Covid-19 section), Ticket Purchasers will only be entitled to a refund of the relevant Ticket(s) (other than Discounted Non-Refundable Tickets), in the following circumstances: a) if the Event is cancelled in full b) if the Ticket is for an Event which is postponed entirely and the Event is rescheduled to another date unless the Ticket Purchaser elects to use their existing Ticket for the rescheduled Event under paragraph ‎24; c) in the event of a Material alteration which gives the Ticket Purchaser an entitlement to a refund under applicable law; d) in the event only one or more days (but not all days) are cancelled or postponed, in which case only a proportionate partial refund will be offered at our discretion; (e) as otherwise required under applicable law.

A “Material” alteration is a change which in our reasonable opinion makes the Event materially different to the Event which Ticket Purchasers, taken generally, could reasonably expect. The following are not “Material” alterations: changes to the line-up or any advertised attractions; changes to performance times; changes to individual band members; adverse weather conditions; shortening of the Event when the majority of it is performed in full; delays or changes to start times of the Event or a performance; a change of Venue to another location within a reasonable radius (in our discretion) of the Venue; adverse weather conditions; changes to advertised facilities.

24. Where the Event is rescheduled to another date, the Ticket Holder may elect to use the existing Ticket for the rescheduled Event in which case they will not be entitled to a refund.

25. All refunds shall be for:-

  • the proportionate amount of the face value of the Tickets purchased only (i.e. the specified Ticket price including any bolt-on purchases such as accommodation, upgrades, or parking including VAT) but excluding any fees or charges paid in addition to the face value of the Ticket (for example, any booking fees, transaction fees or postage or courier charges in addition to the face value);
  • any accommodation damage deposits paid by the Ticket Holder (unless they are required to repair damage caused by the Ticket Holder).

in each case, except where required by applicable law.

26. A Ticket will not be exchanged or refunded if it is used for entry into the Venue unless paragraph 23(c) or 23(e) applies.

27. Ticket refunds shall be processed either by us (if you bought tickets directly from us) or by your authorised ticket agent. Either we or the relevant ticket agent will provide details of the refund process and deadlines for making a claim either through our websites, social media, the media or directly. Any failure to follow the process and comply with the deadlines or any breach of these Conditions may result in the refund not being made.

28. As soon as reasonably possible after we become aware of postponement, cancellation or Material alteration of the Event, all available information will be posted on www.zimfestlive.com or our social media channels but it is your responsibility to check whether the Event has been postponed, or cancelled or of any Material alteration and any new dates, times, and Venue. Please be aware, circumstances giving rise to cancellation, postponement or Material alterations can arise immediately prior to the Event.

29. Promotions, deals or discounted offers are provided at our discretion. All such offers are subject to availability and may be withdrawn by us at any time. Retrospective refunds are not permitted against any offer or promotion advertised after a booking is made.


29. Where an Event is cancelled or postponed for any reasons related to Covid-19 (including, where the Event is permitted to take place but it is not financially viable to do so), you may be permitted to transfer your Ticket to the following year’s Event or, alternatively, in the event a Ticket Purchaser is entitled to a refund pursuant to paragraph 23, the Ticket Purchaser may apply for a refund. Any refunds must be applied for within 1 calendar month of the date of cancellation/postponement.

30.  In the interests of health and safety of all Event attendees please refer to Care & Safety Policy which can be found here - https://www.zimfestlive.com/care-safety  

31. You should not attend the Event if any of the following apply: a) you have tested positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of the commencement of the Event; b) you display any symptoms of Covid-19 within 14 days of the commencement of the Event; c) you live with somebody or are in a linked household with somebody who displays symptoms of Covid-19 or who has tested positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of the commencement of the Event; d) you are otherwise required to self-isolate; or e) your attendance would be in breach of latest government legislation or guidance relating to Covid-19 containment at the time of the Event. Please note, these could differ from the above sub paragraphs.

32. If all, or a combination of the circumstances set out in paragraphs 31(a) to (e) apply to you but the Event has not been cancelled or postponed, unless we adopt a different refund policy on an Event by Event basis which we advise to you in writing, refunds will be issued at our discretion (unless otherwise required by applicable law) or you may be permitted to transfer your Ticket to the following year’s Event. Refunds under these circumstances must be applied for within 1 calendar month of the start date of the Event and may not be applied for any more than 14 days prior to the advertised start date of the Event. Please note, we may ask for supporting evidence that such circumstances apply to you which may include (without limitation) a doctor’s certificate and a copy of any messages received from NHS Track and Trace. All requests will be reasonable, and all personal data shall be processed in accordance with our privacy policy.

33. We have the right, at our complete discretion and without payment of any refund or any further liability, to refuse entry to or eject from the Venue any attendee who we reasonably believe may display Covid-19 symptoms or who may not have followed Government legislation or guidelines or otherwise be in breach of these Conditions or any Site Rules (including, but not limited to, any Covid-19 specific Site Rules).

34. If Government guidelines or legislation mean we have to reduce the Event capacity, regrettably, we may need to cancel your Ticket to comply with those requirements. Any such cancellations will be at our sole discretion. We will notify you as soon as possible in advance and as regards your Ticket the Event will be deemed to have been cancelled and paragraph 28 shall apply to you.

35. Please note the maximum sums to be refunded under paragraph 25 will apply in relation to refunds under this Covid-19 section.

36. We will take reasonable operational steps to comply with any relevant legislation and/or relevant Covid-19 safety guidance which apply to the Event and/or the Venue. We may instate these prior to or during the Event. We will communicate these measures to you either via our website, social media channels, onsite at the Event or via direct communication. You are responsible for ascertaining what rules are in place at the Event as regards Covid-19 and for understanding and complying with all adapted Site Rules for attendance at the Event in relation to Covid-19.

37. Specific Site Rules introduced for the Event as a result of Covid-19 will be compulsory for all attendees of the Event. These will prevail over any conflicting Conditions or conflicting Site Rules. Failure to comply may result in you being refused entry to or ejected from the Venue without refund.

38. You will be attending the Event and using any facilities on-site at your own risk. We will take all reasonable measures to ensure the health and safety of our attendees and everyone legally onsite at the Event, but we cannot be responsible for the behaviour or health of other Event attendees and cannot ensure that no attendees will have Covid-19. Therefore, you accept that we will not be responsible should you contract Covid-19, nor for any related illness or death as a result of attending the Event unless caused by our negligence.

Age Restrictions

39. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult aged 21 or over – proof of identity and age must be provided on request (passport, driving licence or PASS cards accepted). A maximum of two Teens (13-15 year olds) or Young Adults (16-17 year olds) will be allowed entry per 1 accompanying adult aged 21 or over, with the contact details of the accompanying adult required at the time of booking.

40. You need to be over 18 years old to purchase alcohol at the Event. We operate Challenge 25 on our bars. If you are asked to provide proof of age (passport, driving licence or PASS card) and you are unable to do so you will not be served alcohol. Please note, the Challenge 25 process overrides your festival wristband as proof of age.

41. It is the responsibility of the supervisors of a child to determine whether an Event is suitable for that child to attend and neither we, our ticket agents nor the Venue will be liable for any content deemed unsuitable.

Specific access requirements

42. We take the needs of Ticket Holders who have a disability or who have other access requirements very seriously and actively encourage people of all abilities to attend the Event. If you have access requirements for the Event please register your requirements through: events@zimfestlive.com

Entry Requirements

43. The following are required to gain admission to the Event (on first entry or re-admission):-

  • a valid Ticket. One Ticket will be required for each person, regardless of age.
  • if requested by us and/or any Authorised Representative:-
  • photographic proof of identity and age (passport, driving licence or PASS cards accepted)
  • for health and safety purposes and the removal of Prohibited Items, body/vehicle/possession searches. Any refusal by the Ticket Holder to allow such searches will result in refusal of admission to or eviction from the Venue without refund or compensation

44. All rights of admission are reserved.

45. There is no right of re-entry for Day Ticket Holders.

46. Your Ticket may be cancelled and you may be refused admission to or ejected from the Venue and/or Arena without refund or compensation if during the Event (whether in the Venue or its vicinity) you:

(a) in our reasonable opinion, are under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any behaviour-modifying substance;

(b) possess or use any prohibited item including, without limitation; sky lanterns; candles; paraffin lamps, sound systems, generators, glass bottles, drones, laser pens, unofficial high vis jackets, weapons, or anything that could be used as a weapon; any item that an Authorised Person considers dangerous, hazardous and/or illegal or that may be used as a weapon or a missile or that may compromise or otherwise interfere with the enjoyment, comfort or safety of (or pose a hazard to) any person or security at the Event; illegal substances, “legal” highs, herbal highs, research chemicals, NPS, poppers, nitrous oxide also known as ‘laughing gas’ or associated paraphernalia; fireworks and pyrotechnics; flares; materials for campfires or fire bowls; air horns, smoke bombs and any items an Authorised Person considers potentially disruptive to the event; signs, items or materials displaying unauthorised political, religious, offensive or race related messages, slogans or images or, without our prior written consent, sponsorship, promotional or commercial messages; animals, except for dogs registered on arrival at the festival; unauthorised promotional material; tripods, video camera equipment, professional camera kit; briefcase camping stoves with aerosol gas canisters; any cooking equipment with gas canisters above 3.9kg;

c) are a Ticket Holder and you bring or attempt to bring food or drink into the Venue other than small snacks (which will be assessed in our absolute discretion and food may be confiscated) or any food or drink which may be exempt on medical grounds of for young families (please contact us in advance if you have any queries). You may bring refillable water bottles which must be empty on arrival and water stations are available throughout the Event. Ticket Holders must not bring any alcohol into the Venue. Compulsory Venue Entrance checks are carried out by security;

d) engage in any marketing or advertising activities, or conduct any trading activity (including, without limitation, offering, selling or possession of items with intent to sell such as, but not limited to, drinks, food, souvenirs, clothes, programmes), in each case without our prior written authorisation (and any such items may be removed, confiscated and/or destroyed without compensation at our discretion and/or the discretion of any Authorised Person);

e) engage in, or in any Authorised Person’s opinion are likely to engage in, disruptive, dangerous or violent behaviour or in a way contrary to public order and/or safety including (without limitation) “missile” throwing; violence; provocative, threatening, discriminatory and/or offensive behaviour; posing a health and safety risk to yourself or others (including, without limitation, through the malicious transmission of Covid-19), or harm any other person(s) in any way or unreasonably obstruct the viewing of other spectators;

f) enter any prohibited areas; climb lighting masts, fences, roofs and other apparatus or constructions;

g) damage, interfere with or tamper with any property of any third party;

h) smoke in any prohibited area; we retain the right to ban smoking within the Venue when advised to do so by an Authorised Person for the safety of the event.

i) are suspected of committing or likely to commit a criminal offence; and/or, fail to comply with instructions from us and/or any Authorised Person, or refuse a security search.

47. There is no entry to the Event before designated and advertised opening times on any day of the Event. These will be advertised on our website closer to the date of the Event.  You may be required to queue so please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

The Event

48. The Event may be subject to licence from time to time.

49. Warning – Prolonged exposure to loud noise may cause damage to your hearing. Please be aware that strobe lighting, pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke machines and other special effects may be used during the Event. We strongly recommend all minors wear ear defenders and all attendees take any precautions they deem necessary.

50. Access to each stage/area within the Venue is subject to capacity and we accept no liability and will not offer any Ticket refunds if a Ticket Holder is unable to attend a specific performance listed on the line-up.

51. We cannot guarantee an uninterrupted and/or uninhibited view of any performance, nor is any representation or warranty given as to the quality, content or duration of the Event.

52a. If before or during the Event you have a complaint, please contact us or a steward promptly since complaints are very difficult to deal with after the Event.

52b. The festival operates on a green field site so please be aware of ground conditions.


53. Valid Tickets will be exchanged for wristbands on entry into the Venue. Wristbands cannot be issued in advance and are only issued directly to the Ticket Holder on production of photographic ID (driving licence, passport or PASS card accepted). You cannot collect wristbands on behalf of other people. Wristbands will not be reissued or replaced regardless of whether you still have your Ticket so please keep them safe.

54. You must wear your wristband at all times whilst at the Venue during the Event. Failure to show that you are wearing a wristband to an Authorised Person on request may result in your immediate eviction from the Event without refund or compensation.

Media and Recordings

55. Unauthorised photography, video or any recording of the Event (including but not limited to artists’ performances), or use of any such images or recordings for professional purposes or commercial gain is strictly forbidden. Professional recording or transmitting equipment, unauthorised photos, recordings, tapes, films or similar items are not permitted and may be confiscated and/or destroyed by us.

56. All Ticket Holders give your express consent to your actual/simulated likeness and voice recorded at the Event (in photographs, film or sound recording) to be included for no fee within any audio or visual recording to be used in any media worldwide for any purpose at any time. You continuously waive any moral rights in any such recordings and agree we shall be the sole owner of the copyright and any other intellectual property rights in all such recordings. If you attend the Event with a child under 16 you give the foregoing express consent on their behalf.

57a. CCTV may be in operation across the site. Images are recorded for the prevention of crime and disorder. If requested, images will be passed directly to the Police.

57b. Zimfest Live reserves the right to use these assets for marketing purposes indefinitely.

57c. All information and products relating to Zimfest Live marketed on its website are subject to license.

Data protection

58. Each Ticket Holder’s personal information (as provided by the relevant Ticket Purchaser) may be used for the purpose of the implementation of these Conditions and for the purposes set out in our privacy policy subject to applicable law, including for administration and communication in connection with the Event and processing of the order for goods and services booked. All such personal data (including, but not limited to a Ticket Holder’s voice, image and likeness recorded referred to in paragraph 53 above) will be processed in accordance with our privacy policy. We may share relevant information with third parties as may be generally and reasonably necessary for the proper and efficient staging of the Event.


59. You are responsible for your own personal property brought to the Venue including without limitation, vehicles and any property left in vehicles.

60. All Ticket Holders will indemnify us against the full value of any loss or damage to the Venue howsoever caused by their acts or omissions.

61. Nothing in these Conditions seeks to exclude our liability or that of the owner of the Venue or any Authorised Person for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, fraud or other type of liability which cannot be excluded or limited by law.

62. Subject to paragraph 60 above, neither we nor our authorised ticket agents, the Venue owner, or any Authorised Person shall be responsible to the Ticket Holder for any:-

  • indirect losses or damages including, but not limited to, loss of enjoyment, goodwill and/or travel (including, but not limited to, travel to or from accommodation purchased from us and/or any travel delays), sustenance or accommodation expenses. Personal arrangements including travel, accommodation or hospitality relating to attendance at the Event which have not been purchased from us are at the Ticket Holder’s own risk;
  • claims for the injury to persons or loss or damage to property howsoever caused unless such injury or damage was caused by negligence on our part or that of the above listed persons;
  • loss, theft, damage or breakage of your personal property while entering, exiting or within the Venue (including, without limitation, Event Car Parks, Arena or otherwise) and in any weather conditions
  • losses, damages, costs or expenses which arise as a result of any cause beyond our reasonable control including, without limitation, an act of God, war, insurrection, riot, civil disturbances, acts of terrorism, epidemic, pandemic, fire, explosion, flood, royal mourning, national mourning, theft of essential equipment, malicious damage, strike, lock out, weather, third party injunction, national defense requirements and/or acts or regulations of national or local governments, epidemic or pandemic or the threat of any of the aforementioned, unless otherwise stated in these Conditions;

63. Subject to paragraph 61 above, we shall not have any liability to a Ticket Holder beyond (i) the proportionate amount of the face value of the Tickets purchased only (i.e. the specified Ticket price including any bolt-on purchases such as, upgrades, or parking including VAT) but excluding any fees or charges paid in addition to the face value of the Ticket (for example, any booking fees, transaction fees or postage or courier charges in addition to the face value.  No interest or costs will be payable in respect of any monies refunded.

64. Any part of these Conditions declared void, ineffective or unenforceable by any competent court in any jurisdiction, shall be severed to the extent necessary and the remainder of these Conditions will remain in effect.

65. Any breach of any these Conditions may result in the cancellation of the Ticket, the refusal of admission to the Ticket Holder to the Venue, or their eviction from the Venue, in each case without refund or compensation in addition to any other remedy that we may have, even if the Ticket Holder did not have prior notice of the Condition or the breach. No failure or delay by us to exercise any right (in whole or in part) under these Conditions shall constitute a waiver of that right, nor restrict any further exercise of that right.

66. These Conditions form the entire agreement between the parties and no party shall have any claim or remedy in respect of any statement, representation, warranty or undertaking, made by or on behalf of any other party in relation to these Conditions which is not already set out in these Conditions. Any variation must be agreed in writing.

67. Any person (other than us and our authorised ticket agents, the owner of the Venue or any Authorised Person) not party to these Conditions shall have no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

68. These Conditions will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law.  Any dispute arising from or in connection with these Conditions or a Ticket Holder’s attendance at the Event will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

69. To the fullest extent permissible in law, we shall be entitled to assign all and any of our rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions, provided that your rights are not adversely affected.


70. Only customers holding a valid Parking ticket will be permitted to use the parking facilities.

71. Parking tickets can be purchased online from https://www.zimfestlive.com/tickets.You will be sent an e-ticket in advance to display in your vehicle on entry or it will be exchanged on arrival for a parking display badge you must display clearly. Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.

72, You can purchase parking tickets on the day (subject to availability and an increase in price), but we strongly recommend buying tickets online in advance due to limited availability.

73. Parking ticket holders are entitled to one car parking space per Car Parking pass purchased.

74. No camping is permitted in the car parks and no sleeping in vehicles.

75. Speed limits on trackway leading to car parks and within the car park are to be strictly adhered to.

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